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My name is Laura Binetti and I am a former World Champion Bodybuilder from Canada.

I competed from 1987-1999 having won three professional shows in three different countries (Europe, Canada and the United States).  I have also competed in the Ms. Olympia 5 times and the Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic 5 times.

Throughout my athletic career as a professional bodybuilder I have had many massages on a regular basis.

I moved to the United States 3 years ago and met Shelah just over 2 months ago.  As her trainer, I could tell she was a very hard worker and dedicated to a healthy lifestyle.

As a massage therapist, Shelah is a true professional, who can give a deep muscle massage and she works towards your tolerance.  I would highly recommend Shelah without any reservations to my athletes and general fitness clients.  She is highly knowledgeable in her work; she takes interest in you and explains exactly what she is doing.

Shelah makes you feel comfortable and you will receive an amazing massage.  I can recommend her services without hesitation.

Laura Binetti
Owner of Anytime Fitness & Former World Champion Bodybuilder from Canada

Check her site >>> Anytime Fitness



Shelah is a dynamic bodyworker who provides that rare combination of Heart, Muscle and Technique.

In one session she revived my body from days of accumulated stress.

Don’t wait, clean the slate!  Shelah is an ACE.

- Jonathan Tripodi
Author of Freedom From Body Memory

Check his site>>> Freedom From Body Memory



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